The SilageSaver motto is based on an old French saying, “A cultivator is someone who conserves”. The SilageSaver is here to conserve the hard-earned feed and ensure consistent quality milk production.

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About The SilageSaver

The SilageSaver products hit the market in the early 2000’s when dairy farmers in Quebec, Canada were looking for a solution to maximize silage for their herd. As we all know, cows work 12 months out of the year, and it is important to provide nutrient packed silage for best milk production.

However, after many years of oxygen entering the silage, the farmers battled poor fermentation, mold growth on the silage, and inconsistent milk production. To combat these issues, with the help, input and testing of Quebec’s Dairy Farmers, The Silage Cover and TubeSeal were created.

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Why Do You Need Silo Covers?

  1. Protection from Oxygen: Silage covers and tubes create an airtight seal over the ensiled forage, preventing oxygen from entering the silage. Oxygen can lead to aerobic spoilage, causing nutrient losses and the growth of undesirable microorganisms. The covers and tubes help maintain an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, which is crucial for proper fermentation and preservation.
  2. Reduction of Dry Matter Losses: Silage covers and tubes play a significant role in minimizing dry matter losses during storage. They act as a barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating and maintaining the moisture content within the silage. This helps to retain more of the nutrients present in the forage, resulting in higher-quality feed for livestock.
  3. Prevention of Weather Damage: Silage covers and tubes protect the ensiled forage from weather elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Rainwater can seep into uncovered silage, increasing its moisture content and potentially causing nutrient leaching. Wind can lead to dry matter losses through the removal of lightweight particles. Sunlight exposure can degrade the quality of the silage through UV radiation. Silage covers and tubes provide a shield against these potential damages.
  4. Preservation of Nutritional Value: By maintaining an optimal storage environment, silage covers and tubes help preserve the nutritional value of the ensiled forage. They prevent nutrient degradation and help retain vitamins, minerals, and digestible carbohydrates. This ensures that the silage maintains its nutritional quality when fed to livestock.
  5. Extended Storage Period: Properly sealed silage covers and tubes can extend the storage period of silage. By creating a protective barrier and maintaining favorable conditions, they contribute to the longevity and stability of the ensiled forage, allowing farmers to store silage for longer durations.

Overall, silage covers and tubes are essential components of the ensiling process, helping to create a controlled environment that promotes effective fermentation, minimizes nutrient losses, and preserves the quality of the silage.

After just 6 weeks, look at the results!